Read Below Jim's Vision for change!


         I served our country in United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. I went to Okinawa where I supported our troops. Today I am a member of the American Legion still supporting out troops. I am a member of CONPATS (Constitutional Patriots). This is a great group of men and women, check them out on my Facebook Site. I studied our constitution in college and a few years ago attended a seminar in Crossville, TN where a constitutional scholar spoke. After she explained every Amendment, I became a constitutional patriot. I have rallied on the steps of state capitols for our 2nd Amendment Rights. I have attended a Republican convention in Columbus, GA, and rode with SOLR (Sons of Liberty Riders, another great patriotic group to the straw polls in Ames, Iowa.) I met Mike Huckabee and Herman Cain. I was at Centennial Park in Atlanta, GA when Herman announced his bid for President. In 2013 the word got out that there would be a 1 million Muslim march in DC on September 11th. Two million bikers 2 D.C. Was formed. I was there. I have spent a lot of time in our Nations Capitol, witnessed a lot of Muslims in Walmart paying for groceries with EBT cards. I saw bumper stickers saying there is no other God than Allah. Every afternoon the cab drivers lay their prayer mats in the street, praying to a pagan god that believes us infidels need our heads cut off because we won't accept their faith. Don't blame them, blame us for allowing it to happen and not doing something about it. Thank God in Heaven that we now have a president that is actually doing something about these terrorist attacks in America. I want to be in D.C. To back him up.

        When I became a member of CONPAT, I took an oath. In compliance with that oath, I will be a one (1) term senator. Also I want to start a charity to help our older folks paying for prescription medications to offset what the pharmaceutical lobbyists have done to them. Also in compliance with my oath, after my term in office any money I receive will go into that fund. It's the best I can do for term limits, and the best I can do for the elderly folks in Tennessee. I Damn sure ain't giving the money back to the Feds.

BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse)

I am pro life. Abortion is murder. I want my tax dollars to stop funding planned parenthood. In my opinion, if my tax dollars support abortion, then I'm saying abortion is OK and that makes me an accessory to murder. I don't like that!


         When I lived in Georgia, I was the SOLR fair tax officer to GA. I attended many fair tax events. At one event, I had a Mexican boy admit to me that he did not pay taxes. A friend owned a liquor store. One Friday, a group of Mexicans ran across the road, paying with wads of cash. My friend said that the contractor building the apartments across the road, pays them in cash. As a small business owner, my Tax man told me that 7.25% of every dollar I made went to FICA because I was an employer and that another 7.25% from the same dollar went to FICA, because I was an employee. The Mexicans and contractor are not only cheating the IRS but also not contributing to the Social Security fund. Once again, don't blame them. Blame us for allowing that to happen and not doing something about it. Mr. President, let me help you build that wall. NO AMNESTY and NO sanctuary cities that harbor these criminals. The Fair Tax is the only true tax reform. Everybody pays. Returning power back to the States and the people like we have not seen since the American Revolution. I will be a fair Tax co-sponsor in Washington D.C. Stop sending career politicians to D.C. To represent you. If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.


         I want to work with the governor, State and local elected officials, dealing with State issues. The people's voices in WILL BE HEARD IN WASHINGTON DC! One of my goals is to abolish the Dept. of Education. Education is a State's right. No one in D.C. Has the right to tell us how to Educate our children. NO COMMON CORE!! We have seen the impact of our President's proposal to lower the corporate tax to 21%. Industry is moving back to America. Schools need to upgrade their curriculum, with mechanics classes to prepare them to fill those jobs. Trade Schools need to be built that will teach people to fulfill the jobs in the industrial world. I will argue till the day I die. The big industry, with the big money provide good paying Jobs in America with great Health benefits. The Fair Tax will drop that corporate rate to “Zero”. Let them make money. Would you rather have them making money providing jobs for Mexico, Japan, China, and everybody else, or make jobs for Americans with great health benefits? Maybe we won't have politicians arguing about a national health bill. Lastly, we can't sweep issues under the rug because we don't want to talk about it or it might be embarrassing. Nothing gets accomplished. Our president has spoke about the opioid epidemic sweeping across America. My understanding is that TN is near the top of the list. This is unacceptable. I blame the pharmaceutical lobbyists, and our elected lobbyists that pad the pockets of our elected to vote for their agenda. Driving up prescription costs. Doctors visits, hospital stays, and if you are lucky enough to have insurance that pays for meds, it drives up the cost for insurance premiums. This is killing our older citizens. There will be NO LOBBYING in my office. Lobbyists will not elect me. The people of Tennessee will! YOU'RE THE BOSS and I'm just your messenger boy to D.C. Consider voting for me representing the people of TN as your senator!


Thank You,

Jim Reherman